While there is no defined length, U. Deepak takes Guddu inside bathroom forcibly and closes the bathroom door. Naresh June 21, at 1: While the later series, Babylon 5 is an example of such production that had a predetermined story running over its intended five-season run. Member feedback about Shammi actress: Returning to the present, Seema asks Shivani how did she feel meeting Rohit after such a long gap adding that she had always liked him even before he became so successful! It was a show of Indi-pop songs. I used to watch these shows without missing them ecven for a day.

Avinash mentions to a visibly distraught Shivani that the frequency of such blank calls seems to have increased of late. Naresh June 21, at 1: Today’s serials cannot level these serials. The name describes every thing about the show. Returning to the present, Seema asks Shivani how did she feel meeting Rohit after such a long gap adding that she had always liked him even before he became so successful! Past and present intermingle freely to say nothing of frequently as Shivani, Rohit and Gayatri mull over their past and contemplate their future with an intensity that makes their old friends like Vicky Bhushan Jeevan , Nilu Neelofer and Girish Makrand Deshpande nervous and fear a momentous storm brewing! He recounts how he fell in love with her on seing her snap but was told that Vijay was a staunch believer in caste system and hence he should abandon all plans of marrying her!

One day he misbehaves with Bharti, Mr. As he tells Gayatri, people by and large shed their false pride at some juncture or other. Shivani also denies any involvement to Vicky and Nilu!

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The english shows were pretty awesome too. Composed by Talat Aziz and sung by renowned ghazal singer, Jagjit Singhthe title track became very popular. Hence, she is taken aback to hear from Shivani that her world begins and ends with Avinash and she regards Rohit as part of her past while Avinash is and will always be her present!


Her parting jibe that Rohit would empathize with her had he ever suffered a heartbreak like her sets him thinking!

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Challenge Challenge is a youth drama, a love story of young couple. Like a lot of people, I am also looking for the following sony tv songs for more than ten years without any luck: Sailaab – Episode 16 – Full Episode. To make spisode worse, Junaid is still in love with Nadira. Pocket Gangsters Movie Review. In starting episodes, Jai was in school.

Once Gayatri comes home her father Aakash Kapoor Arun Bali has a heart to heart talk with her where he pulls her up for lying needlessly when she spends time with Rohit. Nirmala Nagpal, popularly known as Saroj Khan born 22 November 4 one of the most prominent Indian dance choreographers in Hindi cinema.

Madhvan but she has not enough daring to tell her father about their relationship. I remember the serial’s logo. Their love for each other is as strong as ever, and they start seeing each other often, though in a platonic way. Pavitra Rishta International Title: When Vicky suggests silaab forget her, Rohit episove him if she has been able to forget him Girish has an interesting theory about dreams and reality that he shares with Shivani.

I remeber one of them “Mohobbat kisise kisi”. He had the peak of his career between the late s and early s. Sailaab may refer to: Shivani’s guardian, her older brother, does not approve of their relationship and arranges her marriage with someone else, emotionally blackmailing her to comply. Vicky drops in to meet Shivani and asks her how she adjusts with the prim, proper Avinash after the tempermentally opposite Rohit! Jagjit Singh is considered to be the most successful singer and composer of all time in terms of critical acclaim.


Papiya sengupta played the protagonist Perlie and her love interest was Humayun Peerzada. There he began his career in by undertaking singing and composing assignments at All India Radios Jalandhar station.

The host was Jackie Shroff. When Rohit tries to tell him about his other books he is thrown out. Sailaab – Episode 6 – Full Episode. He started his career as a lead actor, though he found more success with supporting 04 villain roles and received a Filmfare nomination for the Best Performance in a Negative Role for Yes Boss Disappointed and despondent, Shivani decides to go to Bangalore!

Sailaab (TV series)

They find another girl Smita Bansal for him. One of the first questions he asks Shivani is about Rohit and he deliberately keeps her in the saolaab about Rohit joining them for lunch! Suchita Trivedi born 20 September is an Indian actress, who is known for her work in Hindi and Gujarati films. How girls bargain for good fashion clothes and sandals. Gayatri can see no reason for Shivani to be unhappy as Avinash is rich and dotes on her. Binay May 18, at 3: His career improved when Kamal Amrohi, a filmmaker, approached him, the original songwriter Jan Nisar Akhtar working on the film Razia Sultan had died before completing the project.

Now what will happen next. Bhanwar based on landmark judgments from the Indian judicial system. Renuka is 48 years of age and she started off her career with a serila serial named Surabhi in the year