Needless to say, this far-fetched story did not impress police. Still, the lack of any reference to Donna’s check-forging scams is not the most outrageous omission of the screenplay; the movie depicts Donna as trapped in an impossible situation as captive of a brutal, homicidal husband who would not allow her to escape. Sympathizing for the girl, Donna agrees not to return to California. It’s sad because I believe most of the teen girls forced into prostitution are black but the movie made them white, I guess so people would sympathize with the characters. Sep 22, 4. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Search for ” Cries Unheard: Sep 23, A man who batters women, after nearly killing his girlfriend in a violent rage, finds himself facing his own demons when he is forced to join an innovative group therapy program for abusive men. Full Cast and Crew. To take care of Patty, she moves in with Dennis and become engaged with him shortly after. This movie was shameless propaganda from beginning to end.

He said, ‘I hate to do it, but I gotta divorce Donna. She told my friend Linda that she was going to get a divorce. Everywhere she turns for help, there’s not much anyone will do. Patty Yaklich David Lascher Sympathizing for the girl, Donna agrees not to return to Ayklich.

The jury finds Donna guilty of conspiracy for first-degree murder and she receives a jail sentence of 40 years. This movie was shameless propaganda from beginning to end. Written by Lars Skogan. In fact, she never showed any sign of abuse according to numerous witnesses who attended her classes. Donna Yaklich meets Dennis the policeman and thinks she unhsard have found a good relationship. Unheare Greene, William R. Edit Did You Know? After this warning, Donna forged yet another check.

Using that word gives them all the wiggle room they need. This site uses cookies.

The Hollywood Donna may be a saintly, and utterly sympathetic character. But Dennis is obsessed with weight-lifting and uses steroids, which make him aggressive and abusive. The movie lifwtime no hint of Donna’s extramarital affairs, perhaps because doing so would conflict with the image of conna helpless, saintly woman held prisoner in her own home, and would make her seem less virtuous.


Real-life Dennis Yaklich was gunned down by two men in his Colorado driveway in In its short review for The Gadsden TimesJohn Martin called the film “too sensational” and showed his dissatisfaction with contents, calling out for an effective way to help women get out of domestic violence, instead of showing “two hours of terror”. She packs her bags to leave with their son Denny, but Dennis orders her to go inside and beats her with a belt.

Small Sacrifices TV Movie Indeed, an extensive police investigation failed to uncover any evidence that Dennis ever took steroids in his entire life. The perpetrators were hired by Donna Yaklich.

Lifetime LIED in a based on a TRUE STORY MOVIE. Remember that DONNA YAKLICH story???

One of the children the real Donna evicted, Vanessa Yaklich, was interviewed on the local news program of the Denver CBS affiliate station, Channel 7, immediately after the movie was shown. Ztory 22, 2.

My dad said, ‘As soon as Dennis gets home, we’re gonna tell him about it and contact the DA. One woman gets impregnated from such an incident and decides Donna has apparently raked in a substantial, but undisclosed amount of cash from this film. A scene of cris husband forcibly removing her from a battered woman shelter begs the question: When local reporters tried to contact her to learn how much she had made, she referred all questions to her attorneys, who refused all comment.

Such metabolites are highly fat-soluble and remain in the body at detectable levels for 2 to 3 months after even a single dose. In the movie, she is depicted at one point of going around desperately asking people for help with a huge bruise across her face.


The story is obviously told from one point of view only, but then since the other point of view was gunned down by the first POV there isn’t much to tell. When Donna finds out that she is pregnant, she explains to Dennis that she cannot live in fear and begs him to stop using the steroids.

Donna Yaklich yyaklich the movie producers, but they were not the first people she has conned. Scared by her husband, she turns to her sister Susie, but she is too vulnerable when he begs her to take him back.

Shooting began on November, 8 and concluded on December 3, I just saw that ID documentary. Vanessa said, “She [Donna] says so many awful things it’s unreal. The trackmarks which the lifegime shows were a Hollywood invention, pure and simple. Why, are you talking to me like this?

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Instead, she is depicted as a paragon of misunderstood, wounded dobna. Search for ” Cries Unheard: In why my daughter, the daughter and the pimp we’re black. It does a great disservice to unhard viewing public to portray such a person so inaccurately.

He also forces her to tell Patty that she is disgusted by her and orders her to leave the house forever. Sep 22, 1. Share this Rating Title: She was a heaux ass thief. She immediately falls in love with him, and quickly meets his teenage stepdaughter Patty.

The film received poor reviews.