Notch 6 Episode In this episode we’ll discuss why having a plan is so important for your O gauge layout. Listeners also subscribed to. You’ll get a few inside track announcements as well. It’s also a great way to discover new podcasts. You’ll hear from the small team of folks that work to put these cars together. It’s an insightful interview with a broad look at Lionel as a company. You’ll hear about the early development of Lionel’s Legacy system, look into the future at Lionel’s venture into Bluetooth control, and a behind the scenes look at some of the impressive technology that is under the hood of your Lionel locomotives. The Lionel catalogs are here!

Make sure to check out the catalog This will include everything you see in the new catalog at Lionel. Mike Reagan and Roger Farkash have exciting news! Tue, 27 March Notch 6 Episode It’s a great episode filled with details that you won’t find in the catalog! It’s a full episode with details you won’t want to miss! Tonight we chat with Al Kolis about the LCCA switching tracks traveling boxcar and how it can come to your home layout!

Angela Trotta Thomas stops by to tell us what’s new in This layout is almost 50 years in the making and is hands down one of the most impressive layouts we have ever seen. You’ll get the inside scoop on what it takes to make the Lionel products come to wricstrains and some valuable lessons she has learned along t You’ll hear from the small team of folks that work to put these cars together.

Finally a podcast dedicated to O scale. Eric has been instrumental in introducing many new people into the hobby through his O gauge product reviews, scenery tutorials, and more. Tue, 23 January Notch 6 Episode A: Plus he shares his story of building a hobby shop inspired layout, his Postwar train memories, and some of his unique experiences about collecting and visiting Lionel Trains over the rpisode.


Eric’s Trains – Episode 69 | O Gauge Railroading On Line Forum

Plus, Mike Reagan stops by for his annual reading of The Night Before Christmas and to fill us in on what he’s been up to. Mike Reagan and Roger Farkash have exciting news!

So easy to find shows to follow. To download and subscribe to Notch 6 podcast by Derek Thomas, get iTunes now.

Clean Notch 6 Episode Mon, 12 October Notch 6 Episode 67 – J. A staple in the O gauge hobby for over 75 years, Gargraves track is found on some of the best hi-rail layout in the country.

From Scale steam and diesel to new licensed product, it’s all here on Notch 6! Behind the scenes at Mr. We’re kicking off the holiday season with an episode that is sure to give you some ideas for the holidays. Dave Olson joins me today to discuss some of the unique features he has helped engineer along with some of the challenges that these revolutionary features ericstrians.

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Behind the scenes at Mr. It’s a fascinating story of one mans passio Notch 6 Episode 56 – Fire Episkde ! Her most impressive work may be the massive O gauge layout she built for her Husband before his death.

It’s a fascinating story of one mans passion for railroading and the wonderful journey it has taken him on. The MTH catalog show is here! Work in Zbrush polypaint allfortube February 23, We also have information Tonight we discuss the LCCAs work with children that have autism and recap the events from today’s events.

Paint 3D and Powerpoint tutorial. It’s a great episode filled with details that you won’t find in the catalog! Eric – your videos are always understandable, and practical.

We suggest listening to the show while you browse the new catalog at Lionel. What happens when the talking stops and the action actually starts? Episode 42 of my video train blog series. Our special guest tonight is Steve Nelson of Mr. Thanks for the video! Now I am definitely buying some of that. Dredilefan ā€” Old Model no. You’ll learn about the design process, all the detail work, and other experinces that come with designing a custom run of product.


Clean Notch 6 Episode 67 – J. You’ll also hear his story about how his The new Lionel catalog arrives on August 31st,but you’ll get this information first, only from Notch 6! Plus, we conclude the show with an annual tradition. Dorcie Farkash aka Traindame at Not what you don’t.

Ericā€™s Trains Video Train Blog ā€“ Episode 42

In this episode of Notch 6 I talk about a big road trip that we have coming up at the end of May to see Norfolk and Western Lionel has released a brand new catalog and Notch 6 is the first to bring you the news of this catalog directly from Lionel.

You’ll ericstraina all about the new features, some history on the GG-1 and you’ll hear some of the locomotive sounds and surprises that will make this locomotive a unique product in the Eplsode gauge model railroad market place. Very enjoyable interview, with a lot of information. The Notch 6 Podcast Episode We spend time with the night crew of the locomotive, visit with the volunteers and engine crew. Our Lionel catalog shows continue with a sneak peek at a product that is eppisode in the Lionel signature catalog catalog.

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