When Phoebe resumes reading tea leaves, she sees that she’ll meet the man of her dreams soon, and takes that to be Jim, who she keeps bumping into. A guy at Chandler’s work thinks that Chandler’s name is Toby. Monica, Joey and Phoebe find out that Tag is not the father of Rachel’s baby. Outstanding Achievement in Comedy. Texaco Star Theater 51— Happy Days S4 77—78 , 78—

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Jaime Lannister. Retrieved July 31, They have a wonderfully romantic date pretending they’re not roommates and they get to know each other a whole new level. Joey and Phoebe find Monica and Chandler have tricked them out of the keys of the master apartment; Joey hoped a false gas leak alert would make super Treeger use his key, but he makes a fireman use an axe and the wrecked door calls for a big lie. Now that Rachel can’t go on dates any more due to her pregnancy, Joey decides to take her on a date. Rachel gets jealous when Ross hits it off with a woman at the baby department store. Judy Geller gives Ross her mother’s engagement ring to propose to Rachel with. Rachel realizes she has no idea how to look after the baby after the birth, so her mother insists on staying with her for eight weeks, much to her and Ross’ annoyance.

Ross and Rachel disagree over who came onto whom when they seaso up, with Rachel and the group sure that Ross was the initiator of their pregnancy-causing sex and Ross being sure that Rachel hit on him first.

I Love Lucy 55— During Valentine’s Day, Chandler discovers the miracle of birth seeing an extremely graphic video. However, not all goes to plan when Treeger, who could not find Monica and Chandler’s key, orders firefighters to break down the door. Ross reassures her it isn’t so bad because when she has the baby she will love someone more than she ever loved anyone. Best TV Series Ever. Rachel invents a crazy work problem to reduce the awkwardness of hanging out with Joey, since he confessed his feelings for her.


This page was last edited on 24 Februaryat Joey’s youngest sister Dina Marla Sokoloff is pregnant and comes to Rachel for advice.

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Rachel goes from being disgusted to being intrigued, and everyone watches the tape where they find out that Ross was right because Rachel used Joey’s patented “story that leads to having sex”. Sesson and Chandler get a Ms. Into The Blue 3. Green threatening Ross and nearly ruining his budding romance with Mona. This is the fourth of Friends’ six clip shows.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Joey tries to impress a Broadway director. Chandler and Monica prepare to leave for their honeymoon as Rachel prepares to tell the father of her baby. Joey confesses his love for Rachel, but Rachel politely and lovingly turns him down.

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Monica’s restaurant get a bad review. From start to finish. Chandler tries to get out of spending time with his boss. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” medieval fantasies, King Robert Baratheon journeys north to offer Lord Ned Stark an important position in his court after the death of a ffriends mentor. Monica and Chandler are throwing a Halloween Party.

Joey wants to take Rachel to dinner on a pretend date to practice his dating skills, but soon develops romantic feelings for her; gang addicted to Mrs. Phoebe gives Chandler and Btgguide a late wedding present: Joey tries to eat an entire turkey because ‘he’s a Tribbiani’. Audible Download Audio Books. After Rachel gives birth to her baby, she must confront relationship issues around her. Phoebe and Monica prepare for Rachel’s baby shower and forget to invite Rachel’s mother.

Chandler, mistaking the tape friendx porn, watches it and is horrified after watching it with Monica, which kills the mood for Valentine’s Day.

Clip 8 – Scene Or Clip Dynasty 85—8686—8787—8888— Chandler and Ross lose the wedding photos. Btvguise begins dating a guy who works for Monica, causing a problem when Phoebe wants to dump him on the same day Monica plans to fire him. The season contains 24 episodes and concluded airing on May 16, Chandler’s shoes are slippery, rendering his dance lessons useless.


Views Read Edit View history. However in another uncomfortable conversation she manages to convince Joey that her boss, Mr. Joey is depressed and in an effort to lighten his mood, Phoebe lends him a dog to cheer him up. Add to Watchlist Added.

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After confronting the critic who wrote it, she decides to join a cooking class, with Joey in tow. Ross, shocked at Joey’s declaration, avoids him, but eventually convinces him to tell Rachel. Rachel’s having dinner with her dad to tell him that she’s pregnant, and Rachel is intimidated and lies about Ross being unsupportive, leading to Dr.

Pac-Man arcade game from Phoebe as a late wedding present. They’re still pondering the mystery when the red sweater is spotted in front of them and retrieved by its owner: Ross feels left out after missing the baby’s first kick especially when Joey is mistaken for the father.

They have a wonderfully romantic date pretending they’re not roommates and they get to know each other a whole new level. In other projects Wikiquote. Ross struggles to tell Mona that Rachel is now living with him, and she breaks up with him over his dishonesty. Favorite Female Television Performer.

After Ross gets to teach an advanced class, he struggles to get to the class on time. Yup, even Ross and Rachel! Monica and Don get along perfectly.