Steve is reunited with Laura Kingman the girl who tried to accuse him of date-rape , where he coaches her for the same lead role, while Kelly also wants in on the part. Fortunately, Sears is stupid enough to admit his wrongdoing to a well-respected frat leader, who then leads the frat to exonerate Steve and get rid of Sears instead. She serves as lookout when the group breaks into the university research building and tries in vain to save Andrea’s lab which does not harm animals in its testing. Debbi Morgan as The Seer. Man With a Plan. Meanwhile, the Walsh family plans a Hawaiian holiday, but end up stranded in the airborne plane. As well as every episode from the season, the DVD release features bonus material such as 6 featurettes based on the season.

He purchases an illegal gun and makes several trips to the shooting range. Already have an account? Meanwhile, Brenda balks when she is asked to appear nude in an experimental campus play. Meanwhile, Professor Randall invites Brandon to dinner, hosted by his wife After the summer break, everyone prepares for university life. Steve catches his father cheating and forces him to complete the game honestly.

Beverly Hills – Watch Full Episodes Online –

Later, when David’s drug dealer is arrested, he finds himself holding a huge stash of narcotics and calls Dylan for help; Dylan correctly guesses that the arrested dealer is going to lead the cops to David and forces a reluctant David to flush onlime of the drugs down the toilet, saving David’s butt because the cops don’t subttrat anything to arrest him for when they burst into the apartment.

Elsewhere, Dan is subtittat about Andrea’s relationship with Jesse which results in their breakup and Dan requesting that he be reassigned to a different RA position. Meanwhile, Kelly and Brandon are furious when Episoe refuses to fund Lucinda’s documentary film. Donna catches David in a compromising position with Ariel after catching them having sex in a limo. In the second part of the season finale, Kelly onlline to Washington to meet Brandon and they spend a romantic day together to get away from both Clare and Lucinda still hounding subtutrat as well as the stress of the travel and they end up in bed.


Steve goes on a double date with one of his frat brothers Andrea is dismayed when a leading Alpha Omega sister recruits her but advises her to not to make it apparent she’s Jewish, and Steve badgers Brandon to pledge Kappa Epsilon Gamma fraternity, otherwise known as KEG House.

The Walshes are celebrating their 20th anniversary, and before the evening is over one Walsh twin’s life will change forever.

Jesse disagrees with Andrea about her decision to get an abortion. The campus is caught up in a “Take Back the Night” movement, and Steve finds himself fingered as a rapist by the jealous Laura.

Beverly Hills, 90210

Season four of Beverly Hills,an American teen drama television series, began airing on September 8, on Fox television network. Also, Dylan tries to help a jealous Erica accept her mother’s new chemist boyfriend, Kevin.

Steve asks if Brenda will forgive him, but she dodges the question and heads off to shed tears over everything that happened. But, Brandon eventually learns that the Chancellor is looking forward to his attendance at the national task force and that he was never going to be removed from it, even with Clare’s machinations.

Elsewhere, David sees danger of his drug use returning in working with a new rock band for the CU’s Marti Gras. John Sears shows his true colors to Kelly who finally rejects him.

But a visit from her parents cancels all plans. Brenda and Donna attend an animal rights rally, and are crestfallen when the university refuses to suspend animal testing.

Holly Marie Combs as Piper Halliwell. Debbi Morgan as The Seer. Brenda discovers a diary hidden in her window seat that apparently belonged to a previous resident. September 1, [7].

Brian Krause as Leo. ConwayChris Long.

By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. The DVD release of season wubtitrat was released in Regions 12 and 4. Don’t have an account? Full List of Academy Awards Winners. Meanwhile, David’s drug problem returns, resulting in Kelly and Donna moving out. KretchmerJames L. Brandon is chosen as the freshman representative of eepisode elite national task force, which will help to make decisions in Washington regarding America’s college campuses.


Dylan refuses to listen to Kelly. In a show of supposed solidarity their friends follow, but they may have more up their sleeve than a celebratory bottle of champagne. Meanwhile, Nat suffers a heart attack and the future of The Peach Pit is in jeopardy.

David starts abusing drugs crystal methamphetamine to keep up with his busy schedule, while Donna wonders what’s wrong with his sudden change in behavior. Also, Andrea frets with Gil Meyers over her deciding to stay in California to go to college. Already have an account? Also, Brandon tries to meet with an elusive Chancellor Arnold after he sees that his name is not on a list of task forces members to meet the president, thinking that his times with Clare may have cost him the trip to Washington.

Meanwhile, Brenda and Stewart travel to Palm Springs where they find big complications from a small mistake Brenda makes which leaves them stranded in the desert, where Brenda finally breaks off their engagement for good.

Retrieved from ” https: After the summer break, everyone prepares for university life. Before leaving for London, Brenda ends up spending her last night in California in Dylan’s bed. After a hazing prank gone wrong, the KEG house hopes to avoid charges by unfairly distancing itself from Steve.

Meanwhile, Brandon and Kelly’s fake relationship takes a very real turn during a Task Force retreat, which upsets and confuses Kelly, who apparently still harbors feelings for Dylan.

Dylan believes Suzanne and agrees to trust her from now on, but Jim continues to remain suspicious about Suzanne and her intentions for Dylan. In San Francisco, Brandon learns that Emily has been accepted to the prestigious Cousteau Institute in France, but does not want to attend because she and Brandon are in love. Elsewhere, Brandon speaks with Clare’s father over her wild behavior while she’s making future plans to travel with him.

This is the last appearance of Shannen Doherty51 Brenda Walsh.